Thank you Detroit for making us the Best of 2018!!

Welcome to Mi Cookie Dough!

Edible and oh so good!

About Us

Did you love cookie dough as a kid? So did I and still do! Now you can eat it without getting your hand swatted hearing "get your hand out of the cookie dough, its not good for you"

Well the time is here, just open the jar, grab a spoon and ENJOY!!

This product is egg free 


Special Requests Available


Why is your product safe to eat without baking?

Great question! It is egg free and we use only the best of the best ingredients 

What is the minimum order?

We have no minimum order, order 1 or 1000 its up to you

What is the return policy?

I am sorry but to the nature of this product we can not accept returns 

What is the shelf life for edible cookie dough?

For best results it should be refridgerated and can be kept for 10 weeks and frozen for 12 months (but lets be real, it won't last that long)

Do you offer special requests?

We do and LOVE them! We are happy to accomidate anyway we can. We are happy to help and open to ideas. 

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